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Not only do our drinks taste great, but they’re great for you! All of our waters, sparkling waters, and craft sodas are infused with 23 vitamins and minerals.

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Smart Soda is the world’s first water company to offer vitamin-infused in both flavored sparkling waters and craft sodas. Our drinks are 100% natural, vegan, kosher, antioxidant rich, gluten-free. More amazingly, our drinks are made with healthiest water on the market today- Alkaline water.

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Introducing Smart Slushie, a unique alkaline water-based platform that offers vitamin-infused flavored frozen drinks, made with only organic cane sugar (or zero sugar) that are 100% natural, vegan, kosher, antioxidant-rich, and gluten-free. Our products can also be alcohol infused, while remaining certified organic.

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Drink Smart. Drink Smart Soda

Functional Shots


Smart Soda’s mission is to offer our clients the world’s first healthy soda brand, not only by choosing healthier ingredients, but with actual health benefits. The right beverage solution for any life nuances, that tastes good and is good for you. Boost your drink with Smart Soda’s new Functional Shots: Immunity Boost, Relaxation, Energy/Focus, and Prebiotic.

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